Peace Pole at Red Rocks Community College, Lakewood Campus, Colorado, USA

Peace Through Global Education

    To quote a famous U.S. American writer, Mark Twain, "Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness." Fear of differences, misunderstandings based on cultural variances, and a lack of experience with global interaction spark the type of retreat into xenophobia which presents itself prominantly in the news. Global education provides the opportunity for students to meet fellow students from around the world and to explore different countries through the lense of scholarship. As we understand each other, we find commonalities, univeral aspirations and values. Recognizing that we are all citizens of the same globe is one of the basic tenents of peace building.

     At Red Rocks Community College (RRCC) we are incredibly fortunate to have support for both incoming international students and US students studying abroad. The international student population at RRCC includes students from over 20 different nations. Many attend to first earn an associate degree and then transfer to complete their bachelor's degrees at partnered four year colleges. Additionally, our US students have the opportunity to participate in faculty-led study abroad programs to locations such as India, Ireland, France, Tanzania, Uganda, Italy, and many more.

     International goodwill is supported when students are provided the opportunity of cultural and educational exchange. The strong connections made as a result of these experiences prepare students for working in an increasingly diverse workforce. Students who participate in global exchange are more likely to complete their educational goals and their cross-cultural competence skills increase their employability. The benefits of global eduation last a lifetime.